Diorama MakeMap Manual

License / Copyright

MakeMap (and the Warzone Map Tools) are licensed under the GPL 3 and are © 2009 by Florian Schanda and Martin Brain.
Gringo and Clasp (which are distributed in source along with diorama) are also licensed under the GPL 3.


System Requirements

Diorama also requires gringo and clasp from the potassco tool chain - but because they are a bit obscure the Diorama distribution contains a stable copy of them. To compile them you will also require the following:



Simply issue a $ make which should compile gringo, clasp and a single cython file (blur.pyx).
If you are one of the rare people who already have gringo and clasp installed on their system, then before you issue make you can symlink your gringo and clasp binaries to potassco/gringo.bin and potassco/clasp.bin respectively.

Other, in particular MS WindowsTM

I don't have any other operating systems. If you do and you do manage to get Diorama working, please let me know how it works and I can include the instructions here.


$ ./makemap.py --players=N [--size=small|medium|large] [--version=2.2|trunk] [--name=NAME]
The generated map will be saved into your ~/.warzone-2.2 directory.
Sometimes map generation can take quite a while, as sometimes a rather difficult and expensive combination of constraints is selected. If you don't want to wait, simply press CTRL+C and run makemap again. A --safe option is planned for the future which is more conservative in selecting constraints.