Warzone Map Tools

The Warzone Map Tools (WMT) are licensed under the GPL 3 and are © 2009 by Florian Schanda and Martin Brain.
The Warzone Map Tools are a collection of various tools and libraries for editing and creating Warzone 2100 Resurrection maps. Currently the entire point of the WMT are to support Diorama, a gratuitously over-engineered random map generator.
The WMT currently consist out of the following:
The WMT have been written for Warzone 2.2, but trunk should also work. Currently trunk can't render roads very well at all, so you will get much better results when using Diorama with the 2.2 branch of Warzone.




Everyone loves them. Click any of the thumbnails for the full image.
Thumbnail of arizona map screenshot.
A random arizona map.
Thumbnail of random urban map.
A random urban map.
Thumbnail of random rockies map.
A random rockies map.
Thumbnail of GUI screenshot.
The GUI.
Thumbnail of map with lots of water.
A random map with lots of water.
Thumbnail of a randomly generated player base.
Starting player bases are also generated, allowing you to play with no bases, medium bases and full bases.
Thumbnail of random trunk arizona map screenshot.
A random trunk arizona map.
Thumbnail of random trunk rockies map screenshot.
A random trunk rockies map.

Bug Reports, Feedback and Feature Requests

This program most likely has bugs. If you do come across one, please send me a screenshot (if applicable) and a copy of the python backtrace (if applicable). You can send them to my email address which you can find if you open any of the .py files and look at the third line.


Version 1.1.1

Instead of writing a bunch of files into ~/.warzone-2.2, we now write a single .wz map archive into ~/.warzone-2.2/maps. Also, the addon.lev file within is much more complete, so you can play tier 2 and tier 3 games as well now. Initial support for global features: You can choose between Hotspot, Wasteland, Lake and Continent.

Version 1.1.0

Initial support for maps for trunk versions of warzone, pretty good results for arizona and rockies maps. Urban maps look pretty pants on trunk as roads can't be drawn correctly yet. Added a non-interactive version of the map generator (which does not require PyQt4 or PyGL). Minor subtle bugfixes and improvements.

Version 1.0.1

Rewritten the route() function in Cython and C. This particular part of the map generation should now be up to 100+ times faster. On my crappy laptop a default random map now takes less than 10 seconds to generate.

Version 1.0.0

Initial release.

Roadmap / TODO

The following additions to the WMT are planned:
Component Description Target Status
Diorama, mapwrite Support for trunk: Can't progress until trunk/ can correctly render all road tiles and crater tiles. Partly done.
Diorama Non-square symmetrical maps. Perhaps also allow mirroring in only one axis. 1.2.0
Diorama Global semi-random features. The following remains to be implemented:
  • Team bases (player bases are in clusters of 2 and 4)
  • King of the Hill (player base 0 in middle with more oil, and all other bases are around it)
1.2.0 Partly done.
Diorama Portion up lakes tiles into distinct (connected) lakes - draw each separately, and optionally draw a much larger border (similar to the rockies road border). 1.2.0
Diorama "Patchwork" mapstyle. Create top left quarter first, then double width and fill in the next quarter. Then double height and constrain one quarter to all zeros and fill in the other. Finally fill in the remaining quarter. This should allow us to create much larger asymmetrical maps.
Diorama Make use of 'gateways' feature to give AI hints as to where to place defences.
Panorama An actual map editor (written in Python) which should work on all platforms that warzone supports. 2.0.0
ASP Walking distance rather than VTOL distance for oil wells.
ASP An implementation of bireachability that doesn't suck. With 'everything reachable' turned off, really do need bireachability.
ASP Random maps that are larger than 13x13 or so.